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The Hoodie Linen Cloud

A hoodie is the epitome of comfort and style. It wraps you in a cozy embrace, providing warmth on chilly days while exuding an effortless coolness. With its soft, breathable fabric, it’s perfect for lounging or embracing an active lifestyle. The versatility of a hoodie is unmatched; it effortlessly pairs with jeans, joggers, or even skirts, offering endless outfit possibilities. Its hood offers a touch of anonymity, adding an air of mystery to your look. Embrace the essence of comfort, fashion, and individuality with a hoodie that will make you feel both confident and at ease.

☁️Newly developed linen & cotton blend fabric

☁️Soft on the inside

☁️Unisex & uni size

☁️Made in Prague, Národní Třída, in our own atelier

✨Please note: Orders of The Hoodie Linen from 15.12.2023 will not be delivered until Christmas, only for orders around Prague, as we will be making the product made-to-order


Lenght: 65cm

This iconic item is our first product which has started our brand Sadalsuud House® 2 years ago. Over the years, we perfected the shape & silhouette to deliver the best quality comfort zone on the go.

Occasions: long study and work nights, adventures, long travels, movie nights, cold evenings, too early mornings, or too late mornings and best for getting your life together.

One of the most important parts of sustainable closets is taking care of your garments to prolong their product life. To ensure that, please, follow the instructions: