At Sadalsuud House, our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our local production hub in Prague. Here, we oversee the entire manufacturing process, ensuring quality and minimizing our carbon footprint. By partnering with local suppliers and embracing eco-friendly transport for deliveries, we're dedicated to a transparent, accountable, and environmentally responsible business model. Thank you for choosing Sadalsuud House as we work towards a greener future.


We've created a brand synonymous with your comfort zone, off-duty moments, and meaningful values such as wellbeing, youth, and the excitement of new beginnings. We believe that overcoming the uncomfortable struggles of daily life can be easier in the most comfortable Hoodie there is. Our brand is built on the pillars of moments, life, the fast-paced journey, strength, and the idea that home can be wherever your path takes you. At Sadalsuud House, we have a clear purpose – to ensure our clients feel not only comfortable but also taken care of.


As a small team we by any means oversee all the spheres of brand such as production, sales and all initiatives to be implemented at the highest possible level of quality and sustainability. In all facets of our management, we prioritize collaboration with small, local, and family businesses. Our commitment extends beyond transactions – we provide these partners with a platform for business development and growth. Emphasizing freedom and creativity, we foster an environment where their talents shine while contributing to our shared success.